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 Fast Pass Ticket....
Fast Pass Ticket Guarantees you a reading during one of Patti's FaceBook Live Events. You may request a Fast Pass for "Talking to Heaven" reading or general guidance. These are done on Wednesday and Friday evenings.  Readings will be done in the order they were booked. There is limited availability on these days.

  $  14.00
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   Weekly Text Messages from Heaven
Patti has brought back one of her favorite services! Text Messages from Heaven!  You will receive a text on Sunday to begin your week.  Two oracle cards pulled specifically for you along with an audio message. This service is for 4 text messages. There is a limit availability on this service.
  $ 24.00
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   Personal Reading
During your reading Patti will deliver guidance from your Spiritual Team.  Who is your Spiritual Team?  They are your High Power, Angels,  Spirit Guides, and your Past Loved Ones.  This reading will bring the answers to the questions you have been longing to hear.  Please remember that Spirit always delivers the messages you need to hear.  This reading is 30 minutes (Patti will connect with your Spiritual Team during your reading).  This will also give time for any questions you may have.  Patti always leaves you with a sense of love, joy, healing and inner peace. This reading is done via phone, FaceBook Messenger audio, Skype or WhatsApp.

  30 min. reading  $ 58.00

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   Life Guidance Reading
This is an in-depth and extremely accurate reading of your past and how things that have happened affect your life today.  We will also look at what is going on in your life at the present time, both consciously and unconsciously. You will be given guidance on how to handle your current situation. We will also look at what is ahead for you on your life journey and how you may be more aware of the situations. This will enable you to make the best decisions in what lies ahead.
  30 min. reading  $ 58.00

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Distant Reiki Healing
Patti is presently a Level II Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a spiritual healing art that is done by channeling "Divine Healing Energy" into your body.  By doing this healing long distance in no way will reduce or hamper the effectiveness of Reiki healing. Being able to give and receive Reiki energy healing from a distance makes this therapy practical and accessible to all, at a very resonable cost.  Reiki is being recongonized more and more and now being practiced in major hospitals.
The time needed for these sessions varies as Patti is intuitively guided by your team and Patti's team.

  $  34.00
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   Quantum Recalibration Healing
Patti will guide you on a beautiful experience. Quantum recalibration healing will take to a different state of awarness. There you experience an amazing healing journey. This healing modality will help you in healing any experiences of anxiety, tramua, physical and mental anguish. These past experiences can be creating contrast in your life today.  You will be guided to release what is no longer serving you.

  $  64.00
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Now ONLY   $32.00
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Tree Readings
Tree reading is a technique used to interpert and reveal insight on the individual who drew it.  Learn what makes you the person you are.  Gain awareness of the beliefs, influences and memories that can be holding you back.  Tree reading is very similar to handwriting analysis.  You will be sent a template to draw your tree. NO artistic ability is needed.  Everyone can draw a tree!  Every tree is unqiue and beautiful, just like YOU! Once drawing is submitted your reading will be sent back to
you via email within 48 hours.

  $  24.00
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Not sure what service will work best for you?
Patti offers a 10 minute consult !
  $  1.00
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Any questions please contact us at:     [email protected]

Disclamer:  Due to current laws it is our responsibility to inform you that all readings, events and or products are meant for
entertainment purposes only.  These should not be replaced with legal, medical, financial or professional advice at any time.

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