Patti Mac
Text Messages from Heaven

Welcome ... you found us for a reason!


"I am forever grateful that each and everyone of you
have touched my life in a very special way."Patti Mac

Patti's work is Comforting, Very inspiring and Super spot on! She brought my Aunt Gloria through, she raised me...Patti gave me exact statements she would say and key points to remember and prove it was her,That NOBODY ever could have known,because my Aunt was not an easy woman and she came through like a truck driver...exactly how she was in real life...she also brought through my Grandmother and she was just as kind and loving as ever,she even knew she was old school European. Patti is nothing short of Amazing 🙏  Lisbeth W.

Patti did a card reading for me. but first my oldest brother came thru. I wasn't expecting to hear so much detail. so many things that only people very close to me would even remember from 1979. I have tears and full body goosebumps just thinking back to the things Patti spoke of. I have no doubt in her connection with spirit and our loved ones. Thank you from my heart Patti. 💙🙌You are such a blessing to us. much love and respect for All you do beautiful heart. Sherylin A.

Patti receives divinely guided messages that are full of unconditional love. She allows these messages to flow as we are one consciousness. Patti is truly an amazing spiritual being. Thank you for sharing your light and love and for always giving the perfect messages at the right time in my life. You are loved. 💜Jenny F.

Amazing! I was lucky enough to receive a reading and it was spot on everything that was said was 100% accurate and meaningful.  I love watching even if i dont receive a reading. Patti is so outgoing funny and able to bring me out of a funk just by watching and listening to her, always smiling ♡ so again, Thank you Patti.  Sara C.

I stumbled upon Patti on Facebook and decided to try a reading of a photo of my Dad, who passed away in 2009. Patti was wonderful. She is blessed with a gift of relaying messages and she definitely did that for me. My dad had a lot to share with me. I heard some messages that were very specific that I know could have only come from Dad (specific memories), and he had some encouragement and advice for me that I really needed to hear. In a way, I now have some closure I never had until now, and also more peace in my heart, knowing that he is at peace, and with his loved ones who have also passed away. I now realize even more how close my dad's spirit is to me all of the time. Thank you, Patti!   Amanda B

Patti had me in tears, laughing hysterically and filled with so many answers after my reading. I can’t express how amazing she is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Now my dad will continue to make Patti laugh since he’s found such a fantastic person who can deliver his heartfelt messages to his family.  Jamie C.

Thank you Patty for my readings.  I felt every word and it meant so much to me. You reconfirmed my strength and gave me hope to dream my dream.   Alana K.

I think Patti was Amazing! Everything she said was spot on! I was blown away! You can feel love + energy!  What a Wonderful person!   Brabara D.

Patti is genuine and honest, she truly loves helping people. Just watching her live feeds and readings feels you with love and hope.  Jamie R.

Tonight not only did I receive a great reading which was spot on, but so did my cousin, friend and sister-in-law. Patti your are truly gifted. Thank you for bringing us messages from our Angels and Spirit. Many blessings my friend.  Marylou F.

Very intune with my situation. She was spot on and gave me reassurance in my path. I truly enjoy just listening to Patti, it makes my heart fell good.  Michelle S.

I was grateful for the reading! It was so amazing and right on target. I was misty eyed and felt much comfort afterward.   Norma T.

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