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Text Messages from Heaven

Welcome ... you found us for a reason!

Text Messages from Heaven

 Welcome to Text Messages from Heaven
... you found us for a reason!

Patti welcomes you to her site that was given to her by her Spiritual Team.  Who is that you might ask?  Patti works with her team all the time consisting of her higher power Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides and her loved ones on the other side.

Patti has been very intuitive her whole life and always listen to that inner voice inside.  Which we all have!

Patti Mac

Patti truly believes that everything we go through in our life is all for a reason.  It is through those toughest of times that we truly become aware of the lessons we need to learn.  Patti likes to refer to her spiritual journey as “Angels on the Shelf.” When Patti has gone through the toughest times in her life, she turns to her faith and takes her Angels down off the shelf and asks them for guidance and help to give her the strength to get through those times.  Well almost three years ago during another very hard time in her life, Patti took down the shelf and now walks with her Spiritual Team each and every day.  Patti believes her life purpose is to bring laughter, love, light, healing to all and to teach others to walk each day with their Spiritual Team.  Your Spiritual Team is just waiting for you to ask them. We all need to take them down off the shelf!

Patti’s is clairaudient, which allows her to hear the messages she needs to deliver.  Patti is overcome with love that fills her heart and a lot of time with tears when she can share a message with others from a past love one.  Everyone wants to hear a message from someone you love and miss so much.

Patti never liked the words “psychic medium” and believes that was from her Catholic upbringing.  That she is very thankful she had.  When in meditation/prayer, Patti asked her team what am I, the answer she received was “You are an Intuitive Messenger”.  Well that worked!  Although titles are not important, but it’s a way for her to explain to others what she does. 

Patti plans to help others tune into their Spiritual Team, to find the overwhelming feeling of love and joy, to know what your life purpose is, and what your personal mission is while we are here on Earth.  As Patti has said many times, we are a spiritual being in a physical body.  We are here to learn the lessons we need to. The most import thing to remember is we also have the choice to follow that inner voice or the free will to do what each and every one of us choose to do.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, sad, lost and just need someone to help you smile, Patti is the person to spend some time with. We can almost guarantee a little time spent with Patti will brighten your day!

If you want to get to know Patti even a little better, she shares her story on this YouTube link:

So, curl up in a comfy chair and listen to Patti’s story.
I am sure you like so many others, will truly be inspired by her.

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